The Nelas Academy Awards To Honor Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (Photos)

The Nelas Academy Awards To Honor Hon Kenneth Gbandi

The Nelas Academy Awards To Honor Hon Kenneth Gbandi

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi holds critical credentials in Peace Research and Conflict Mediation with focus on dialogue, conflict mitigation, integration and Diaspora demographic civil rights.
He has served in Hamburg Senate’s Foreigners Advisory Council as Chairman of Anti-Discrimination Committee.

He is the Director of the German Federal Government African-German Information Center
for social business and recognition of migrants’ certificates.
Hon Gnadi runs one of the major African – European Media Networks in Germany & German speaking regions of Europe.

Since 2015, Hon. Gbandi is a member of the German-African Communication Concept
Committee of German Foreign Affairs, Africa division dealing with migration of Africans to Europe. Hon. Kenneth Gbandi was re-elected as the Chairman of NIDO Europe during the AGM of the organization in
Austria in Nov. 2018 for the historic two terms. Hon. Gbandi is also co-founder/1st Sport Director
Nigerian Football Club Germany (NCG FC), founder and Executive Director, Miss Africa Germany and Miss Nigeria Germany,
 Listed in the Nelas Top 100 Most influential Personalities 2019-2020
 Nominated for the Nelas Academy Awards 2019 (Abuja Nigeria October 2019)
 Most impactful Diaspora Man of the Year for 2019 (Ghana-Nigeria Achieves Awards);
 Diaspora Man of the Year for 2016 (The Voice Achievers Award), The Netherlands;
 Best International Creative Director of the Year, Sunrise Foundation, Dublin, Ireland (2016),
 Best Diaspora Organizer/Organization, African Union African Diaspora (AUADS) Embassy of
South Africa, Berlin, Germany (2014),
 Best Media/Promoting Black Heritage Culture and Awareness, Atlanta USA (2013),
 Fink TV Special Award 2013, TIDE und Studio, Germany; Best African Media in Germany, African
Youths Foundation, Bonn, Germany (2009).

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi was listed in the 2019-2020 edition of The Nelas Top 100 Most Influential Personalities by the publisher and editor in chief comrade Frank Ikegwuonu , comrade Ikegwuonu, president and founder of the Nelas Academy.

The Nelas Academy Awards 2019 is about to touch every edge and angles within and outside the nation which got its lead by the President Of The Nelas Academy Awards also the Publisher of The Nelas Top 100 Most Influential Personalities known as Mr Frank Ikegwuonu.

Comrade Frank Ikegwuonu further disclosed that Hon. Kenneth Gbandi will be presented with the prestigious Nelas Academy Award 2019 on 27 October, 2019 in Abuja Nigeria.

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